About Winter Gritting

Gritting should be carried out when frost, ice or snow is forecast or when walkways are likely to be damp or wet and the ground temperatures are at or below freezing. The best times are early in the evening before the frosts settle and/or early in the morning before employees arrive. Salt does not work immediately; it needs sufficient time to dissolve into the moisture on the ground.

Salt can stop ice forming (hence the importance of precautionary icing) and melt existing ice or snow by reducing the freezing point of moisture on the road surface.

Unfortunately no road surface can be completely safe. It is important to know that salt cannot always melt all ice, so care and safety must always be taken.

Your Responsibilities:

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics show that slips, trips and falls are the most common cause of accidents within the work place. To reduce the risk of slips on ice, frost or snow, you need to assess the risk and put in a system to manage it.

Any occupant of a commercial property is required under the management of health & safety at work regulations 1999 (including the recent slip & trip act) to evaluate risks and take measures to protect their employees and customers from the danger that ice and snow can bring. Failing to do this may result in legal action being taken by any injured person/s slipping on your icy grounds.

"Slip and trip accidents increase during the winter season as the cold weather spells cause ice and snow to build up on paths. There are effective actions that you can take to reduce the risk of a slip or trip. Regardless of the size of your site, always ensure that regularly used walkways are promptly tackled." (Source Health & Safety Executive)

"Employers have to ensure their employees and anyone else who could be affected by their work (such as visitors, members of the public, patients etc), are kept safe from harm and that their health is not affected. This means slip and trips risks must be controlled to ensure people do not slip, trip. For more information please visit: www.hse.gov.uk/slips" (Source Health & Safety Executive).

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